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Sam Toft

Sam Toft Art Cards, Prints & Gifts

A delightful selection of fine art greeting cards, Christmas cards, prints and gifts by Brighton artist Sam Toft. Through her art, Sam has created the wonderful world of 'The Mustards' among other characters including Philpot, her hungry and well behaved dog!

Sam Toft lives by the sea with her two lovely dogs, and a pond full of fish named after the Shipping Forecast. She did not always want to be an Artist. Instead, she thought of working in a Post Office or being a Gymnast. However, in the absence of a suitable Circus to run away with, she went through a number of jobs including a Fire Extinguisher Sales Person, a Wedgwood Rooms Worker, a Silver Service waitress, a Catering Manager and a Yoga Teacher to name but a few.

After a Degree in Business Studies, and a year working in an office as a Death Grants Advisor in Kingston, Sam decided to move to Liverpool with her sister and did a part-time BTEC in General Art and Design at City College. Here, she met some kind and dedicated teachers who allowed her to dream that she had finally found her vocation. Haunted by a return to Silver Servitude, she decided she really REALLY wanted to be an Artist and practised every day. A strong work ethic, good friends and a healthy imagination have helped her on her way...

Today Sam works from a seaside studio, alone but for her dogs and BBC’s Radio 4. It’s a wonderful life, not without its ups and downs, and she feels grateful to be making a living from drawing a whole bunch of imaginary friends. She is surprised and delighted to see her dear Mr Mustard go from strength to strength. She dabbles in creative writing, sculpture and has recently made a whole cast of puppets from her well loved characters. It’s hard work but she loves the idea of becoming a fledgling puppeteer. Now that’s an impressive moniker for the Passport!