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Your Data Matters

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Transparency

At TheBlankCardCompany security of your data and marketing preferences are taken very seriously. We believe the customer should have full knowledge of what data we might have, how we might use any data and give you control of marketing preferences including an opt-out option sent in all emails.

Credit/Debit Card Payments Online - All payments are made by an encrypted payment gateway (Sagepay or Paypal via Sagepay). We do not receive or have any access to banking or credit/debit card details. Should we have to refund an item, we refund a transaction number which through encryption in turn refunds your card. Nobody working for us or with us will ever have any access to any bank details.

Credit/Debit Card Payments by Telephone - If orders are made by telephone a card payment can be taken on the phone. Banking details are shredded immediately and never kept.

Email Marketing - (Your data once an order has been placed). When an order is placed we will have your name, address, email and phone number (optional) and knowledge of the items purchased.

A contract exists for us to provide the items and an expression of interest in the what we do is received. When purchasing, a customer can give consent to be kept infomed by email of relevant news and information. An option to opt-out of emails exist on all subsequent emails. In terms of marketing we use email addresses only and always give you an option to opt-out of email marketing. Any data we have is for our purpose only and consists simply of information received when placing an order.

We have never and will never share any data with third parties. We will never share data with social media or other ecommerce. We will only ever send marketing emails to customers who have purchased items with us or people who have expressed direct interest in keeping them informed with up to date news about what we do.

We are therefore the ONLY holders of your email address once it is given to us through placing an order and only authorised persons within TheBlankCardCompany can access your order details and email address.

Our aim is to make marketing emails relevant, attractive, and focussed and targeted to individual art interests. To help us achieve this the only two pieces of data we use from our customers are email address and the name of the artist/s they have expressed an interest in through purchase of items.

From this we send on average 1 - 2 generic emails a month to all customers for big updates such as new collections, sale launches or Christmas collections (customers are likely to receive more during the lead up to Christmas).

We then send additional emails targeted to specific interests by artist. We regularly have promotions of different artists work. If someone has shown a direct interest in a specific artist (through purchase) then additonal emails will be received that relate to the artist or group of artists if a promotion or event is on that involves the artist(s).

We hope this combination allows you to keep up to date with new collections, new artwork and art events. We also hope the emails are relevant to you and at the very least allow you to see beautiful images of artwork you like.

You always have the option to unsubscribe from our list. At the footer of each email sent is an unsubscribe option putting you in control of our email marketing. You also have the option to update preferences and choose which artists you are interested in receiving the additional emails about.

Website and Network Security - We use Sellerdeck 360 sofware and have a contract with Selleredeck with complete SSL security for the whole website.

On our own system, we use highly reputable firewall and anti-virus software. No unauthorised persons have access to our software.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theblankcardcompany.co.uk