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Christopher R. W. Nevinson

Christopher Nevinson Art Cards

Christopher Nevinson (1889 - 1946) was the son of H. W. Nevinson, the war correspondent and author. Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson studied at the Slade School of Art (1909-12) in London. The Futurist Exhibition of March 1912, held at the Sackville Gallery, London, was a great influence on his development. Nevinson produced Futurist paintings of machine-age London, celebrating the dynamism of the underground tube trains, the traffic in the Strand, and a Bank Holiday crowd on Hampstead Heath. His outspoken and angry paintings of 1915-16 are among the masterpieces of his career. By 1919 he had given up Futurism, retreating instead to a more traditional vision. Nevinson was at his best when dealing with the dynamism of big-city life, but in later years he concentrated more on pastoral scenes.