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Bernard Cheese

Bernard Cheese Art Cards

Bernard Cheese (1925 - 2013). Bernard studies at the Beckenham College of Art and the Royal College of Art and went on to teach printmaking at three London Art Clleges for almost forty years. He was a keen observer of everyday life and produce images and landscapes reflecting whet he saw around Britain and France. Bernard had a keen interest in the architecture of the vernacular and painted a wide range of subjects from fishermen's cottages to mediaeval towns, reflecting also the everday life that was set in these landscapes from women chatting to children playing. His work is held in a wide range of important collections, from that of HM The Queen, the V & A, the Ashmolean Museum and many more. Art cards published by Art Angels.

'On the Rocks' by Bernard Cheese (A015)

'On the Rocks' by Bernard Cheese (A015)

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