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Ben Nicholson (Art Angels)

Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson (1894 - 1982). Born into an artistic family in 1894, Ben Nicholson studied at the Slade for four years, with contemporaries like Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer. Afterwards he travelled abroad for several years before returningto begin painting 'still lifes' influenced by the style of his father, artist Sir William Nicholson. His figurative and abstract works, much influenced by Cubism and Post Impressionism, began in the 1920s. In later years his style changed to follow the precision and absence of ornament which identified the Constructivist Movement. He exhibited widely throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

'St Ives, Cornwall 1943-45' by Ben Nicholson 1894 - 1982 (A570)

'St Ives, Cornwall 1943-45' by Ben Nicholson 1894 - 1982 (A570)

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Greeting card reproduced from an original painting by Ben Nicholson. 140 x 170mm with grey craft paper envelope. Recycled and/or FSC approved materials. Biodegradeable packaging. Published by Art Angels.

Price: 2.45