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Barbara Rae

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Barbara Rae CBE RA Art Cards

10% Barbara Rae CBE RA, 20th - 31st October

Dr Barbara Rae CBE RA is an outstanding painter, printmaker and colourist whose work is held in public and private collections worldwide. Rae’s subject matter, often expressed in semi-abstract terms, tends to be socio-political depicting the history of a place and its people. Her studio is based in Edinburgh but Rae travels abroad in search of inspiration, her work exhibited internationally. A Scot educated in Crieff, Perthshire, Rae trained at Edinburgh's college of art, later lecturing at the Mackintosh school of art in Glasgow. She became a Member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1992, a Royal Academician in 1996, and was awarded a CBE in 1999.

'Disko' 2015 by Barbara Rae CBE RA (C460)

'Disko' 2015 by Barbara Rae CBE RA (C460)

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'The Northwest Passage'

In light of Barbara Rae's new exhibition "The Northwest Passage" at the Royal Scottish Academy, an 8 card collection has been launched featuring her beautiful works of the Arctic landscapes.

In 2015 internationally-renowned artist Barbara Rae CBE RA RSA began a series of journeys of discovery into the Arctic, following the footsteps of her namesake, the Orcadian explorer Dr. John Rae. Barbara Rae joined her first voyage to the Northwest Passage travelling with One Ocean Expeditions in 2015. She returned in 2016 and 2017, drawn by her interest in the story of John Rae.

Whilst her paintings and prints are known for their rich, Mediterranean palette, Rae's expedition to the Arctic has triggered a shift towards deep blues and opalescent silvers, but the intense bursts of colour for which her work is known remain resolutely powerful.

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