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Greg Poole (Art Angels)

Greg Poole Art Cards

Greg Poole was born in Bristol in 1960. Growing up near the Avon Gorge and with access to chew Lake he became keenly interested in wildlife and took inspiration from sketchbooks of wildlife by Laurel Tucker. He studied zoology at Cardiff University and shortly after leaving university he met artists Nicola Henley and later Kim Atkinson. They had a great effect on his interpretations of his wildlife interests and his peceptions of the animal world. He spent the summer of 1985 doing conservation work in Canada and joined a birding trip to Hudson Bay which turned out to be a moment of revelation. After trying various approaches to his art education and development, he rented a house on Bardsey Island in 1988 and later enrolled on an art foundation course at Manchester Polytechnic. He has tried to develop the skills and the spirit of what he learned there ever since.