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BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Masterpieces of Art'

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Masterpieces of Art'

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Masterpieces of Art'

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Price: 12.99

The Art of Fine Gifts: Twentieth-century painter, designer and wood engraver Eric Ravilious was responsible for a fascinating range of different works, from illustrations for books to designs for ceramics for the established Wedgwood pottery firm. This gorgeous new book features beautiful woodcut images of countryside life, watercolours of rolling landscapes and many of Ravilious' acute and profound war paintings.

Product details:
Author Susie Hodge
Hardback: 12,000 words, 128 pages, 100 illustrations
RRP £12.99
ISBN: 9781783616046
Series: Masterpieces of Art
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 17 mm